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The Utah Council of the Blind (UCB)

The Utah Council of the Blind (UCB) is a nonprofit organization founded in 1972 by a group of people who were blind who saw a need to establish programs to help people who are blind to be more independent and active in their communities. This is very important since the inclination of society is to place people in care centers when sight is lost.

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The UCB Flier, August 2014

President ‘s Message
I hope this finds you all well and happy. I am enjoying these last weeks with my children before I send them back to school; a bittersweet time for us bitter for them and sweet for me. I am still on a high after the ACB national convention. I really wish I could share with you many, many things I learned there; however, I am not so good at this writing thing so I will not bore you with much. I do want you to know that a lot of it is found on the ACB Radio, which can easily be accessed on the internet and over the telephone.

One particular item we learned about is the progress of tactile money. Yes, it is in the works, and it will still be several years down the road, but the process is coming along. In the meantime, bill identification has been made easier for us in the form of a government-issued bill reader. We were given the prototype that will be offered free of charge to anyone who is blind. This money identifier is easy to use, private, and provides the independence of reading your own money.

I hope to see many of you at the annual business meeting. After all, you are the members, and the board is only your voice. Without your input we are small. Please come participate, eat and socialize.

Anna Jeffery, President
UCB Annual Business Meeting
Annual Business Meeting: The Annual Business Meeting of the Utah Council of the Blind will be held at the Division of Services for the Blind, 250 N 1950 W, Salt Lake City, UT at 10:00 a.m. on Saturday, September 20, 2014. Reservations are required so that we can have enough food for everyone. Please call the Utah Connection or email ucb.board@gmail.com with your name, the names of others in your party, and your telephone number no later than Monday, September 15th. When you make your reservation, please indicate whether or not each person in your party is a member of the UCB.
Membership Verification: In order to vote at the annual business meeting a member?s dues for 2014 must be paid no later than September 13, 2014. If you have any questions about your membership status, please contact our Membership Chair, Aunilie Hathaway at (801) 244-5505 or via e-mail at ucb.board@gmail.com.

Just a reminder: This year in conjunction with our Annual Membership/Business Meeting we are offering a discount for your 2015 membership dues. If you RSVP whether or not you can attend the business meeting and pay your 2015 membership dues no later than September 13, 2014, you will only have to pay $8 instead of $10. After September 13th the membership dues will be back to $10. We are offering this discount to our current members who will receive this newsletter and the business meeting information. When you RSVP, please provide your name, phone number, how many people will be attending the meeting, and the names and phone numbers of those whose memberships you will be prepaying for 2015. You can RSVP by calling the Utah Connection at 801-299-0670 or 1-800-273-4569 and mailing your check to UCB, PO Box 1415, Bountiful, UT 84011-1415 or by credit card online at www.utahcounciloftheblind.org or by calling Aunilie at 801-244-5505. In order to take advantage of this discounted rate, your payment must reach us no later than September 13th.
Announcement of Candidates
Following are letters of introduction from those individuals who are seeking office in the Utah Council of the Blind. Please read them carefully and come to the business meeting on September 20 to vote for the candidates of your choice.

Vice President: Janis Stanger

Hello, fellow members of the UCB. I would like to solicit your vote for vice president in the upcoming elections. I’ ve been active in the UCB since I married into it in 1989. I ‘ve served two previous terms as vice president, once in the mid nineties, and the current term. I’ ve also been editor of the UCB newsletter on two occasions. I served from the newsletter ‘s inception in the early nineties until about 1997. I am currently serving as editor and have done since 2011. The newsletter is, in fact, a family affair. My husband Scott Stanger reads the audio version of the newsletter, and his son Matthew and I label and mail the large print edition. My husband and I also chaired the convention committee twice.

I’ ve also served on the Membership Committee for the American Council of the Blind and three terms on the board of the Council of Citizens with Low Vision International and was chair of the CCLVI scholarship committee for

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